Guide NRP

National reporting platform - SDG

National Reporting Platform (SDG Platform) is a publicly available tool for dissemination and presentation of global and national indicators monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda in Poland.

Our aproach to NRP

In order to conform with the UN's Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, the minimum characteristics an SDG NRP should have are that it should:
- is managed by national statistical offices;
- features official statistics and metadata according to established standard methodology;
- is publicly accessible;
- allows for feedback from data users;
- features open source (free) technology.

In addition, the Polish NRP reporting platform has been developed in accordance with accepted ones international guidelines, in particular for open data and software produced in the open source model.

NRP - sources

Polish statistics actively supports the development of national reporting platforms, in particular produced in the open-source model for the purpose of monitoring SDGs indicators. Precursors in this field are USA and UK.
The current version of the Polish reporting platform has been developed based on earlier version of the US NRP, and was developed by us with new functionality and adapted to the needs of Polish statistics.
The project code is publicly available in the repository -

The new universal version of the open-sdg platform developed by the US, UK and Center for Open Data Enterprise is available.
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the national US, UK platforms for SDG and the project documentation.



NRP - selected modifications developed by us

- new page layout, menu, graphics, CSS style sheet
- preparation of the mobile version
- preparation of the Polish language version
- increasing the availability of the platform - contrast
- extending the structure to accommodate in parallel both global and national SDG indicators
- SDG indicator search engine
- improvement of navigation between particular pages of the platform (eg scrolling between goals, breadcrumbs)
- improving the presentation of indicators
- dynamically generated table, charts based on selected data
- the possibility of adding several data series from available dimensional attributes
- CSV download (all or selected data)

NRP - planned development

- sharing data sets at a lower level of aggregation             
- implementation of GIS solutions using technology open source

NRP - applied technology

Back-end IT requirements:
- GitHub: hosting website designed for programming projects using the Git version control system.
- Jekyll: generator of static pages written in Ruby

Front-end IT requirements:
- XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
- Chartist: JavaScript library that offers customizable and responsive charts
- Bootstrap: framework CSS